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Welcome to accessory heaven. Have you ever had an event to go to and needed to find the perfect set of bangles, necklace, or earrings to really make your outfit?! I don't even know why I asked because I  know the answer to that is yes. Usually shopping for the perfect accessory is a hassle but not anymore.

XSRE is a THE store with everything you need in one stop. Literally everything...I'm not exaggerating. When you first woke in the store your hit with the glitz and glamour and everything in between. From bangles, bracelets, necklaces, rings, headbands, clothes, shoes, hats, hairclips, nail polish, make up and more You name it and you can find it all in XSRE.

Now for the fun part...I was sitting home editing some pictures when I got a flash email from XSRE for 75% off everything in the store!


Cue my thoughts....75% off...I should stay home, I don't really need anything....but 75% off everything...everything???? Can I make it before 7? Well needless to say I threw on a dress, fluffed my hair out and drove to the store as fast as I could.

I arrived there around 6:27 and knew I did not have much time to browse around. I was a woman on a mission. Buy everything I could!

Ok I may have overdone it but 75%?! Come on! Deals like this do not happen everyday.

I filled up my basket and needed to do another run around the store just to be sure I didn't miss anything I would regret. Looking down at my watch I only had 7 minutes to do so before the 7:00 deadline so my heart was racing. I'm not sure if you remember the supermarket game show where the contestants would run through the aisle grabbing anything and everything they wanted and whatever they got to the finish before time ended they got to keep for free? Well that's exactly how I felt running through the aisle because 75% off is just about as close to free as I'm going to find!

The sales associates in the store were amazing! Usually I like to shop in peace and ignore everyone but they were all so friendly and helpful I couldn't help but stop and chat.  They definitely handled the flash sale and craziness of 75% off very well.


After all was said and done I saved over $500!! BANANAS!

Even as I'm sitting here writing this I'm regretting not purchasing more. So keep your fingers crossed and let XSRE know on their facebook that you want another 75% off flash sale! Also be sure to sign up for their emails so you can stay up to date with any news and contests going on there (of course I'll remind you)!

Here's a few more pictures of a few of my items!

IMG_1030 IMG_1133 IMG_1132 IMG_1131 IMG_1128 IMG_1125 IMG_1164a IMG_1136



All opinions expressed herein are my own. Visited XSRE in Lawrence NY.


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