Summer Hair Woes

Let's face it...we all love going to the beach and feeling the warm sun beating on our backs in the summer but along with that comes the unbearable humidity in NY which is torture for my hair. Lately, I've been experimenting with different hairstyles and hair products to try and keep it healthy and conditioned in the summer.

So it's time to review some products! First up is my set of Organix coconut milk/coconut oil that I picked up from CVS,,


From left to right: Nourishing Coconut milk Weightless Mousse, Nourishing coconut oil weightless hydrating oil mist, Nourishing coconut milk anti-breakage serum.


The weightless mousse is great for hydration throughout the summer. It's a very light mousse that is blended with coconut milk and whipped egg white proteins that strengthens your hair throughout the day. This is best used to style your hair after shampoo/conditioner.


The nourishing coconut oil weightless hydrating mist is a perfect blend of coconut oil and bamboo extract. I give my hair a quick mist spray throughout the day just to give it a healthier shine to it and keep it moisturized. It smells amazing by the way.

The nourishing coconut milk anti breakage serum is  blend of coconut milk with whipped egg white proteins that adds strength to your hair. This I use twice a day - once in the morning and once at night. I rub about 2 dime size pumps in my head and make sure to rub it through my entire hair thoroughly. I actually feel like a cupcake after putting this in my hair. It's so light, fluffy and again, smells just like coconut.


I cannot say enough about the Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Curl Style Milk. This is a must have in any naturalista hair regime. They are both so light but they keep my hair conditioned throughout the entire day. Here's a picture of me with my natural curls using these 5 products.


I'll be posting more pictures of my hair journey throughout the year so stay tuned!



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