New York Wedding Salon Bridal Show

If you're a bride to be or anyone remotely interested in bridal fashion then stay tuned! This post will be filled with information and pictures for you!

I had the opportunity to attend the New York Wedding Salon Bridal Show that was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion. The Wedding Salon featured exhibits on everything, and I mean everything any bride, groom or member of the bridal party needs in preparation for the big day. There were tons of cake designers, florists, DJs, videographers, photographers, desert tastings, live entertainment... Seriously I could go on listing all of the different vendors there but we need to get to the fun stuff.


When you first walked in, you were greeted by the sounds of 45 Riots and the living table by the Screaming Queens Entertainment.

IMG_1597 IMG_1607 IMG_1609 IMG_1612 IMG_1615

Seriously, how amazing does the living table look? I love how they incorporated the Vegas showgirl theme with a wedding twist. There were cute little mints, brochures, and promotional magnets on the table which showed the functionality of the strolling table. This would be a great addition for any wedding couple looking to add that extra something to their list of costumed performers or live entertainment.

Part of the reason why I think I loved the living table so much is probably because of 45 Riots. The musicians and singer definitely killed it with their variation of live R&B and Pop hits. Most of the time, I don't even look twice at some live performances at these shows because they can be way too loud but 45 Riots provided a cool, energetic vibe to the event.

As I ventured deeper into the Pavilion, that's when I started seeing all of the different vendors. I'll let the pictures do that the talking for this part...

IMG_1616 IMG_1617 IMG_1618 IMG_1620 IMG_1621 IMG_1631 IMG_1632 IMG_1634 IMG_1635 IMG_1638 IMG_1640 IMG_1644 IMG_1645 IMG_1646 IMG_1647 IMG_1648  IMG_1652 IMG_1653  IMG_1655 IMG_1656

Now this is how you put on on Wedding Expo!

What do you think of the pictures?




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