Shoe Love Starts Off At A Young Age

-Insert a high pitch squeal here-

Please tell me how ridiculous cute these mini shoe lovers shoes are? Go ahead...I'll wait!

IMG_4814 IMG_4812 IMG_4810 IMG_4809

I know your insides are gushing from the mini cuteness that are these shoes. It's holiday time and that means I get to splurge on my nieces. So you know Auntie Shoe Aficionado had to start her collection off the right way (while still being mindful of a budget and how quickly she is growing).

Here, we have the: (from right to left)

Bearpaw Emma Girls Infant & Toddler Boot $34.94 Olive & Edie Carla Girls Infant & Toddler Mary Jane Flat $29.95 Nike Flex Supreme TR 2 Girls Infant & Toddler Training Shoe $35.95

Happy Holidays!!



*All products were purchased on my own*


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