Steve Madden & Brian Atwood Partnership

Oh be still my beating heart!

One of my favorite designers (probably favorite shoe designer) Steve Madden has acquired fellow shoemaker Brian Atwood from its previous owner - the Jones Group. Brian Atwood first signed with the Jones Group in 2010 for the launch of his contemporary line, B by Brian Atwood.

The new pieces will not be released until Spring 2015, so we have a little bit of time to kill as we wait. I wasn't sure if my Initial "let's have a party in our pumps" reaction was a normal one but I am ecstatic! It's like two shoe gods merging into -cue dramatic music- a bigger shoe god!!!!

I am predicting that this partnership will launch Steve Madden's brand into the luxury shoe line world and send Brian Atwood's crashing into the closets of value shoppers.


I cropped together the picture above to illustrate why I'm having a "party in my pumps" ;)


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