The Makeup Show NYC 2016 Recap

Sleep? What is that? Yeah, it was pretty much non-existent while the MakeUp Show was going on. As you watched on my social media channels, the event covered 3 days of makeup education, seminars,  hands-on workshops, press previews, networking and shopping til' you dropped! As an ambassador to the  Makeup Show, I was able to supervisor a lot of the seminars, assist some of the greatest makeup artists in the industry - James Vincent, Danessa Myricks, Orlando Santiago, Valerie Saint Amand etc. - and of course, get some exclusive behind the scenes for you. Day 1 - Workshops & Press Preview

Day 1 took place on Saturday, April 30. Today was a day that was full of education because I was assisting James Vincent and Orlando Santiago. Afterwards, I attended the press preview and was stunned by all of the new and upcoming brands coming to the show. You can catch up on all of the details on Day 1 and the press preview here.

Day 2 - Seminar & Workshops

Day 2 took place on Sunday, May 1. Today was an insane day filled with makeup enthusiasts and make up artists that came to network, educate themselves and replenish their kits from the best in the business.

Day 3 - Seminar & Workshops (cont)

Day 3 took place on Monday, May 2. If you ever have a choice between attending the event on Sunday or Monday, please do yourself a favor and attend it on Monday. It was definitely less crowded and you will have more of an opportunity to meet and engage with senior artists. Do you know Reggie Wells? Oprah Winfrey's makeup artist? Yeah, imagine supervising an Art of Brows seminar with Eugenia Weston from Senna Cosmetics and him nonchalantly coming up to you to talk about the importance of eyebrows. It's a conversation that I will never forget and you better believe that I purchased a new eyebrow shaping kit on the spot!