CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops - Sunlight and Candlelight Highlighters Overview + Swatches On A Woman of Color

CoverFX is back at it again but this time they have released 6 new custom enhancer drops that are universal shades to illuminate and bronze with to boost your glow. You can apply these straight to your face or mix them with your skincare/base (just like the coverfx foundation drops). coverfx

Over the weekend, I received two of the new shades - Sunlight and Candlelight to review - you know we need us some more swatches on women of color!

Sunlight is on the bottom and Candlelight is on the top. The photo on the bottom left is the drops straight out of the bottle and the photo on the bottom right is the drops lightly blended out on my skin (the above photos were taken with a daylight ring light and NO flash on the camera).

IMG_8984 swatches CCC Photo taken with flash and daylight ring light


I will have a more in-depth review on these and additional footage of me applying and wearing them on my face soon but I wanted to get up initial swatches so you could get a better sense of how these look on my skin tone. In the CoverFx drops, I wear the color N90.IMG_8892

Sunlight with flashIMG_8893

Sunlight no flash

Candlelight with flashIMG_8897

Candlelight no flash

All of the photos below were taken with the flash on:IMG_8898IMG_8902IMG_8903

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