Three Green Fragrances To Wear for St. Patrick's Day

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Like I said last year in my first Six Green Fragrances To Wear for St. Patrick's Day post...I am not here to be pinched. No way no how! So this year, I decided to build upon some of my favorite green fragrances to bring you three more to add to your green fragrances worth trying list. And I'd come back to see how you can get your own "pot ol' gold" tonight....

Flora by Gucci Garden - Tuberose ($78; 1.7 oz). I'm a sucker for collecting the Flora Gucci line! This romantic fragrance embraces all aspects of the Tuberose’s loveliness: fresh green shoots, dew-sprinkled petals, and lingering sillage. The distinctively elegant flower is enhanced by violet leaves, while peach softens into the plant’s silken blossom. A base of white cedarwood and cistus enhances the impression of refined charm. The effect is a most gracious aura. The woman who wears this fragrance boasts a natural poise as she dances through life with a ballerina’s elegance. Her presence is a joy for all.

Bond No. 9 Hudson Yards ($230; 50ML) I know it's a crazy price tag but hear me out (it's worth the splurge). Bond No. 9's springtime scents are always about new beginnings and what could be more perfect with spring right around the corner. This dewy fresh eau de parfum celebrates a new beginning that hasn't even begun yet. Hudson Yards is being transformed from a gritty parking lot for the trains that feed Pennsylvania Station into an honest-to-goodness future-world. 

Notes: Wet Petals of Lily of the Valley, Sparkling Freesia, Pink Pepper Oil, Peony Buds, Rose Oil Bulgaria, Vibrant Lychee, Orange Flower Absolute, Iris Absolute, White Ray of Musk.

Dior Poison ($80; 3.4 oz) an oldie but it's still a goodie. This eau de toilette was first introduced in 1985 and I believe the packaging has since changed (to a red bottle). The notes are a mixture of amber, honey, berries and spice and it is described as a more romantic and seductive eau de toilette.

Keep an eye out for a chance to win "a pot ol' gold" later today!