Little Miss Ally's Farewell to Winter!

Even though the temperature is being extra sensitive this week in New York, I think it's officially time to bid winter adieu.

"So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye"

Before I officially chuck the deuces up to winter, I asked my oldest niece, Little Miss Ally, how she wanted to say goodbye.

"I want to rock out and wear my gold FabKids sequin fuzzy boots!"

Rock out?

"Yes Auntie! Play it loud, just like a rock star! Shout it out, just like a rock star! Come on everybody let me hear you say, you feel just like a rock star hey, hey, hey!"

Oh. The Fresh Beat Band...Gosh she makes me feel old.


Shoe details: Available on Material: Synthetic Fit: Runs half a size/full size small



FabKids - Glitter Fuzzies Boots

"It's always best to start teaching them young!"

In this case, I had to put that motto to work with my oldest niece and show her the true meaning of shoe love. She's only 4 and a half years old but I can already see stilettos and high heels in her future.

Until she's ready, I let her shop around so she can pick out her own boots and outfits. Here, she wanted to model her FabKids Glitter Fuzzies that she just had to have in every color!

"But Auntie, if I don't get the pink and the gold ones I'm going to be SO upset! And I need to get the pink dress, and the pink bows, and the pink book bag and the-"

Umm, so no more shopping for her.

What have I done?

IMG_5623 IMG_5641IMG_5626 IMG_5653

Shoe details: Color: Pink Glitter Material: Synthetic Fit: Runs half a size/full size small