NARS Cosmetics Summer 2016 Collection

Oh well hello NARS Summer collection 2016. I'll have one of each and a back up please! AVAILABILITY: Available April 15, 2016 at NARS Boutiques and Available May 1, 2016 at Sephora, department, and specialty stores.


For Summer 2016, NARS makes a getaway with this limited-edition collection—high-fashion moments steeped in exclusivity and ease. New, rich Lip Covers saturate lips with coastal color, while Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows transform sheer tones and glistening shades for eyes. Dual-Intensity Blush completes the look with a touch of the sun – an insatiable rush of blush.

François Nars’ love of the lens meets the glamorous glare of the French Riviera. Inspired by the sensational whirl of an editorial photo shoot, each lush vignette captures the wit and wonder of his behind-the-scenes world. Original illustrations by contemporary artist Konstantin Kakanias bring each moment to life on covetable, limited-edition packaging. A total departure in every aperture.


Overheated Deep Dusty Rose


NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Overheated-Lip-Cover-Carton-tif NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Overheated-Lip-Cover-tif

Do Not Disturb Vivid Orange-Red

NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Do-Not-Disturb-Lip-Cover-Carton-tif NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Do-Not-Disturb-Lip-Cover-tif

Get Dirty Desert Rose

NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Get-Dirty-Lip-Cover-Carton-tif NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Get-Dirty-Lip-Cover-tif

Members Only Crimson (Members Only is available exclusively at NARS boutiques and on

NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Members-Only-Lip-Cover-Carton-tif NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Members-Only-Lip-Cover-tif


Deep End Shimmering Teal-Green

NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Deep-End-Dual-Intensity-Eyeshadow-Carton-tif NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Deep-End-Dual-Intensity-Eyeshadow-tif

Tan Lines Rich Hazelnut

NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Tan-Lines-Dual-Intensity-Eyeshadow-Carton-tif NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Tan-Lines-Dual-Intensity-Eyeshadow-tif

Topless Seashell Pink

NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Topless-Dual-Intensity-Eyeshadow-Carton-tif NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Topless-Dual-Intensity-Eyeshadow-tif

Pool Shark Iridescent Periwinkle

B_dual_intensity_ES_boxes_summer2016_004_b NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Pool-Shark-Dual-Intensity-Eyeshadow-tif

Liberation Left: Shimmering Light Pink Right: Caramel Rose

NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Liberation-Dual-Intensity-Blush-Carton-tif NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Liberation-Dual-Intensity-Blush-tif

Sexual Content Left: Sandy Peach Right: Soft Raspberry

NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Sexual-Content-Dual-Intensity-Blush-Carton-tif NARS-Summer-2016-Color-Collection-Sexual-Content-Dual-Intensity-Blush-tif



-Press Release-

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review For Cadiz and Macao


How many of you struggle to buy a new foundation online? Yes, brands do their best to provide high resolution photos of the shades in their true form alone (liquid, cream, powder) however, most of the time, the images that are used online are product images (packaging) or CGI images.

Let's take the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation as an example. This foundation comes in a 1 fl oz (.30mL) glass bottle and is a full coverage and luminous/natural looking foundation that is very light weight on the skin. On, Cadiz and Macao are shown as: Cadiz and Macao Nars.comWhile on, they are shown as: Cadiz and Macao Sephora

This can get kind of confusing right? As a woman of color, it's already hard enough to find a foundation to suit my skin tone along with my undertones but now, I have to fight against stock photography. So I wanted to show you live swatches of Cadiz and Macao to help you.

IMG_5242IMG_1532 copy IMG_1544 copyIMG_1542 copyIMG_1615 text IMG_1618First, make sure that you shake each bottle very well before using it. The foundation is a very loose liquid which may cause it to run on your hand and waste product if you do not shake it up well.

Cadiz is described as a medium-dark foundation with caramel & red undertones while Macao is described as a medium-dark foundation with yellow undertones. Neither of these foundations match me perfectly because I have more golden undertones, however, I can mix these two shades together (by adding one pump of Macao to 2 pumps of Cadiz) or just wear Cadiz on its own and warm up the perimeter of my face with a bronzer or my contour shade. 

So you guys can see exactly what I'm talking about and to see live swatches of these two foundation shades in action, make sure to watch this video:



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