Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette - Quick Review, Swatches & Photos

Star Light, Star Bright First star I see tonight - How I wish Stila Cosmetics got this highlighting palette right. The Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette is a new, limited edition trio of highlighters that was released for the holidays. It includes three radiance-enhancing highlighters with an ultra-smooth formula that was designed to melt into your skin. It is $39 USD and contains 3 x 0.5 oz/ 14.78 mL of product. The shades are transcendence (opalescent pink), Kitten (shimmering nude pink) and Bronze (sunkissed radiance).

The brand says that the formula was created with “ultra-fine, light diffusing particles” that will melt into your skin and give you a natural-looking glow...and that's where I think the problem is.

At first touch, these are some of the softest highlighters I have ever felt. So smooth, creamy and buttery that I wanted to just stand there and rub my finger in it all day. When it comes to swatching or wearing it, it gets a big F from me. The colors are pretty but there was hardly any pigmentation to it for it to show up properly on my skin tone. Below there are swatches taken in store.

When trying to apply this with a brush...well just don't. Please don't. If you want to take the chance, I recommend applying it with your fingers first and then blending it out with a beauty blender. Let me know if this works for you or what you thought about it.

This is available exclusively at and in-stores for $39 USD.


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