Long Island Bridal Show & Expo

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Long Island Bridal Expo at the Marriott Hotel. It was one of those events that sounded great on paper but something fell through during the execution phase of it.

The expo advertised about 40 different displays from varying vendors to showcase photography, china, gowns, jewelry, dj's, invitations and more! You know the kind of thing every bride and her party is excited to spend a girls night out at. Unfortunately, this one dropped the ball and it's sad to say that one of the best things at the show was the flower display.

Normally, I would adjust my expectations because hey not every event is going to have high fashion, new trends, and tons of giveaways. However, this one completely missed the mark. The fashion show was a complete waste of time - the dresses were falling off of the models and most of the models looked way too nervous to be on stage showcasing a collection. It just was not a good look.

I was also disappointed with the "free dinner buffet". This buffet consisted of 5 noodles with sauce and no drinks (not even water). Again, I may have needed to adjust my expectations but I've gotten used to event planners making sure to keep the women attending their event very fat and happy because that's when they (we - me included) tend to spend the most money and that's what these events are normally about.

On a scale of 1-10, I give this event a 3 and that's only because I really liked the flower display.

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