Happy (Fashionable) Halloween

Last year for Halloween I was locked away in a hotel room because Hurricane Sandy had completely devastated my town. It was the most traumatizing event of my life - my youngest niece was born during the hurricane, my two year old niece was stuck with myself, my brother and my parents in the storm with no heat or electricity.

So this year I was determined to go trick-or-treating with them both just to celebrate. Neither rain, sleet, snow (or this cold) was going to stop me from dressing up with them. So I put on my Little Bo Peep costume, my new Steve Madden DEJAVU pumps (yes I wear 6 inch heels daily lol) and we hit the streets!

 brighter flipped 2 IMG_0033


Of course the shoes were the highlight of the costume for me. I picked them up just this week and even though they look intimidating they are ridiculously comfortable! I mean for me to be able to walk around the cobble streets in 6 inch heels (2 inch platforms) they had to be!

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!




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