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I'm sticking to my New Years resolution and expanding the style in my closet. If you've been reading my articles, then you know how I feel about any shoes that are less than 4 inches. They just do not exist in my closet. And please don't let me get started again on sneakers...

That is until ran an amazing promotion over the holidays to clear out some of their sneaker inventory. I received an email from them that for one day only, all of the sneakers online were only $19.95, so I figured for that price why not take a look. I ended up purchasing the Announce by Beau + Ashe.

IMG_4760 IMG_4796 IMG_475511

A edgy and comfortable wedge sneaker, Beau + Ashe definitely worked magic when designing this one. I love how versatile these are and can easily be dressed up or down with a pair of leggings or tight skinny jeans. If you're a high heel aficionado like myself then these are a perfect way to ease some sneakers into your wardrobe. Yes, I know it maybe cheating but it's a work in progress!

Shoe details:

- Fits true to size - Color: Black with a pink/blush underlay - Lace overlay - Outside Wedge Height 3 inches Platform: 1 inch

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*All products were purchased on my own*


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