Sakiko by GX by Gwen Stefani

Before I jump into this post, I have to apologize for my sudden disappearance. I just started a new job in NYC and I've had to jump in, yes heels first, practically 24/7. So while I'm going through this adjustment, the photos and content on here will be a little delayed. Never fear though, the shoe love will pick up again soon!

Now onto the prettier things! Earlier this year, Gwen Stefani partnered with to create an affordable line of shoes called GX. The pair I want to show you today is the Sakiko's by GX by Gwen Stefani.IMG_12441 IMG_11333 IMG_1601 IMG_1564

Shoe details: - 5 inch heel - 1 inch platform - Fits true to size - Zipper back closure - $59.95 VIP / $95.95 Reg

I love the whip stitch detail and design that lays on the front of the shoe/foot but the best part is the chunky heel! I feel like I'm almost cheating on my other high heels by wearing something so thick and comfortable! But hey, what's a wardrobe without a little bit of variety!

Head to to purchase!


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