Rise & Shine - MAC Pleasurebomb

So I need more than 140 characters to even begin to explain the type of weekend that I had. As you read this, imagine a girl rocking her dark wash denim overalls, a pink crop top, sparkle Betsey Johnson flip-flops, sipping on her green tea and jamming to Monica's (It's Just One of Those Days) Don't Take It Personal song. Yes I had to throw it all the way back to that...it was just one of those weekends.

Besides that I wanted to share with you a picture of one of my top 5 lipsticks from 2013 - MAC Pleasurebomb.


I was lucky enough to purchase one for retail on the day MAC Cosmetics launched the Winter MAC Rihanna collection. At first, I couldn't understand why people were camping out over night for this collection but as you can see, the color is amazing and the packaging is to die for.

I just finished placing a huge $500+ order on Sephora.com because I wanted to start sharing some make up looks and tutorials on here. So keep your eyes peeled!


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