I've Got The Blue Denim Blue's

Ideally, when you take pictures for a fashion shoot, you would like to have the items that you wore once it's over. "I'm going to look BOMB when I wear this on my next date!" one might hypothetically utter in sheer excitement. Well at least that was my idea and now I can't find my damn Alexander McQueen sunglasses after taking these pictures.

-Inserts dramatic pause-

I know, I know. You've seen me wear these glasses a million times and now a million and one but in my defense, I just got over losing my Gucci sunglasses at the Auto Show in NYC three months ago. First the Gucci's and now the McQueen's!!!

I can't....

IMG_2078 IMG_2024 IMG_1950 IMG_2301

Outfit details: Shoes: Shoedazzle Lulah Pants: Studded jeans from Rainbow Shops Peplum Top: Mandee Earrings: Inpink.com Sunglasses (-_-): Alexander McQueen


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