Dr. Scholls Really Flat

Dr. Scholls Really Flats

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Shoe Details: Leather Upper Pointed Toe Ultra Cushion Footbed Color: Blush Fits: True to Size

I have to admit that when I manage to talk myself into buying a pair of flats, I normally try to find a pair that is extremely comfortable but still cute and stylish. When I saw these Dr. Scholls online, I was a bit hesitant because they were just...regular. There was nothing that made these call out to me - no bling or stylish design, but I still decided to give them a chance.

I can't really rave much about them because they are so simple, however, these are probably one of the most comfortable and practical pair of flats that I have in my shoe collection. It seriously feels like I'm walking on tiny air clouds under my feet. If you're looking for a simple and practical shoe for long walks to and from the office then stop by your local DSW and pick these up for $49.95.


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