Nevermind for Paperfox - Shoedazzle Denim

Prepare to turn heads ladies!

On August 13th, Shoedazzle announced the exclusive launch of the premium denim collection Nevermind for Paper Fox. The new line is a premium denim collection that was designed exclusively in Los Angeles and features authentic vintage washes and sleek fashion-forward silhouettes. All of that sounds like great wording for a press release so I'm here to give you the story from what I know about the collection first hand.

The collection will release new styles every month which will keep it in line with Shoedazzle monthly shoe club releases. So far, the prices have ranged from $69.95-$79.95 (VIP)/$110.95-$129.95 (Reg) which honestly is a steal given the detailing and materials used on the denim in this line. And trust me, I've gone so far as to spend $169 on a pair of patch work leather denim from Guess so...yeah...I know...I've compared.

For my first pair, I chose the Elissa. I'm sure you don't need me to explain why (statement piece, helloooo).


I had absolutely no idea how I was styling these jeans and I honestly still don't but they are absolutely beautiful. You can very clearly see the craftsmanship and details put into this one style.

For my first time wearing them, I paired it with a simple white button down that had a lace up back feature, a cocktail ring and a pair of my black Steve Madden heels. I really tried to keep everything else simple so that I wouldn't take away from the beauty of the jeans.      2014-08-28-13-29-03_deco 2014-08-28-13-30-25_deco 2014-08-28-13-31-19_deco 2014-08-28-13-32-55_deco 2014-08-28-13-33-42_deco

Outfit details: Ring: Throwing stones from Shoedazzle Shoes: Steve Madden Delerius from Shoedazzle Pants: Elissa from Shoedazzle Clutch: Jessica Simpson

Are they worth the $79.95 VIP member price tag? Absolutely!

Do you need them now? Please scroll up again if you haven't already said yes!

However, before you check out I would definitely recommend getting yourself measured beforehand. These do run true to size but they didn't have a lot of stretch in them so they will definitely hug all of your curves. If you're in between sizes, I would probably recommend going up one size but even with that I'm a bit hesitant. I picked out my normal size and I had a little bit of trouble getting them on the first time. When I say trouble, I don't mean like that girl trying to get on her jeans in the youtube video that's going around :). What I mean is I had to do a little shimmy and shake to get them on over my thighs and when I finally did, I had to do a little "dip it low" to get them over my humps and situated on my waist the way I wanted. <---I did tell you I would be completely honest in my reviews.

The final wrap up? Buy them? Yes! Send me pictures? Of course! Check out the #denimhour on Shoedazzle's Facebook page on August 28th at 8:00pm to win a prize and maybe your own pair of NVM jeans? Well...I'll see you there!


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*Disclaimer - the jeans were provided by Shoedazzle for an honest and thorough review.*