How to: Score a $150 bag for $10

Yes, you read the title correctly.

This week's how to is dedicated to all of my shopping habits. More specifically, my "I may look like I'm balling with all of my clothes and accessories but in reality Sallie Mae owns me". Sigh, the struggle of being a college graduate. Needless to say because my monthly shopping budget for clothes is very tight, I have learned how to stretch a little a long way...a very looooooooong way. Take this Audrey Brooke Leather bag for example:

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

This spacious bag is crafted from beautiful genuine leather that would normally retail for $149.95. However, I was able to snag a brand new one for just $9.94.


Ok, fine. So it was $10.80 after taxes.

And that's my big secret as to how I was able to grow quite an extensive collection of items in my closet. Find the same items but just spend less o f my money on them. Now how do we do that?

How to shop better? Step 1: Don't sleep...ever. I'm not sure if it is a computer generated process or a person updating a website anywhere from 2:00 to 7:00 AM EST but the best deals that I have ever purchased have usually come about because I'm having a case of insomnia and awake window shopping on websites. Step 2: Don't leave your computer to get food or go to the rest room. Seriously, $10 for $150 satchel? I think I'll hold it. Step 3: If you have to waiver away from step 1 or 2 for any reason, have a dedicated partner that will pick up your shift. Our Bae's and BFF's have to be good for something, right? Step 4: Have your credit card numbers memorized. You really shouldn't have to be fumbling around with your wallet at 3:00 AM. Step 5: Make sure you shop around all of the different categories on the website. You never know when something good maybe getting added. Step 6: Make friends with me. In case you see anything in a size 10 pop up, you can call my cell or better yet just buy it for me. ;-)

In all honesty though, I usually get a lot of deals by just being lucky and having an amazing circle of shopping addicts that like to share their recent steals as well. So make sure to follow me on social media. Check the links below!