Anastasia Beverly Hills Paint vs Coloured Raine Rockstar

I didn't realize how much I would grow to love blue lipstick but as all things beauty...I got sucked in and now I'm obsessed. I initially posted swatches of the new Rockstar liquid lipstick by Coloured Raine ($17) and I immediately received requests to compare it to Paint by Anastasia Beverly Hills ($20). So while we work through the rest of the lip swatches, here's a comparison of both blues.  Candy Coated Closets Blue Comparison             Paint by Anastasia Beverly Hills                  Rockstar liquid lipstick by Coloured Raine

Candy Coated Closets Blue Comparison UpcloseCandy Coated Closets Blue WandCandy Coated Closets Blue Comparison Swatch

As you can see, ABH Paint is a more true blue based metallic lipstick whereas CR Rockstar is a purple blue metallic lipstick with glitter. I'm sure there are those are of you that are wondering what the heck I just :-) The easiest way to think about is to look at the undertone. CR Rockstar has more of a vibrant shine to it since it's mixed with purple and blue as opposed the ABH's Paint.

Candy Coated Closets Blue Comparison Lip Swatcher                                                                       CR Rockstar

                                                                     ABH Paint

My favorite of the two? Definitely CR Rockstar. I absolutely love the purple blue based toe to it! What do you guys think?