OPV Lashes Liquid Lipsticks in Shine, Sun Burst, Rum Shake and F.A.M.E – Swatches, Review, & Photos


OPV Lashes Liquid Lipsticks ($9.87 US)

Shine Sun Burst Rum Shake F.A.M.E 

I applied these with one to two coats to build the color for the photos. I definitely recommend exfoliating your lips before wearing these - especially if you're wearing it for an extended period of time.

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Stila Stay All Day, Sparkle All Night Liquid Lipstick Set Review, Swatches, Video & Photos – Baci, Rubino, Fresco, Patina and Bacca

By now you know Stila Cosmetics released their holiday lip kits. I picked up the Stay All Day, Sparkle All Night Set when it first released on Ulta.com because I was obsessed with trying the Glitterati lip topper. The set includes 1 glitter lip topper and 5 liquid lip colors in the shades:

  1. Baci (nude pink)
  2. Rubino (beet red)
  3. Fresco (mid-tone dusty rose)
  4. Patina (dusty rose)
  5. Bacca (raspberry)

It is limited edition and currently available at Sephora, Ulta and StilaCosmetics.com for $39. I love their liquid lipsticks - the smell, the comfort - amazing. I only wish this set had a bit more variety to it with the colors (like last year's set). All in all, it's a great set for the Gliterrati top coat; a holiday gift set and/or a way to test out Stila's formula before committing to the full size.

L to R: Fresco, Bacca, Patina, Rubino, Baci

Glitterati top coat

Here is a quick swatch video of them all. Make sure you watch until I turn off my studio lights and you can get a better view of the glitter shift of the colors.

[wpvideo 8E7f1VG0]

As per usual, here are lip swatches of each of them. Please keep in mind that these are incredible more beautiful with the glitter top coat on (if that's your thing) and it's hard to fully capture the glitter on the lips in a photo.

Stila Rubino

Stila Bacca

img_0666-copy img_0689-copyimg_0704-copy

Stila Patinacccpatina-sparkle

Stila Frescoimg_0718-copy img_0731-copy

Stila Baciimg_0755-copy img_0768-copy

When it comes to the lip topper, make sure that you tap it onto your lips instead of swiping it across so you can build up the glitter. Here's a look of me applying Glitterati to Bacca.

[wpvideo Oy5VLbMd]

And just in case you missed it, here is a shot of me wearing an ombré lip with Bacca on the outer part of my lips with Patina in the inner portion.

[wpvideo vWlOgLpS]


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Milani Cosmetics Amore Mattallics Liquid Lip Crème Review & Swatches - Matterialistic, Mattely in Love, Automattic Touch, Raving Matte

Paint your pout with gilded glamour. Milani Cosmetics recently launched 8 limited edition shades of new metallic matte liquid lip crèmes and I picked up 4 of them to review: Matterialistic, Mattely in Love, Automattic Touch and Raving Matte.


Bold and richly pigmented, these metallic liquid lip colors shine with a soft luster and dry to a smooth matte finish—without drying out your lips. Waterproof and kiss-approved, each Amore Mattallics Lip Crиme delivers up to 16 hours of wear. You can remove them with an oil-based product ( try Micellar water or baby oil).

IMG_1144 copy ccc

If you're lucky enough to find these in store (CVS, Rite-Aid, Duane Reade etc) then you're luck as -- because you can probably use an in-store coupon or BOGO! They sold out so fast in my neighborhoods but luckily all of the colors are still available online. Here is a live look at the 4 colors I got in action. (Y'all know I have to give you those live swatches in different lighting).




Mattely in Love

IMG_0031 copyc

Automattic Touch

IMG_0050 copyc

Raving Matte


And before we leave, I just wanted to show you the doe foot applicator in comparison to Colourpop's applicator for their metallic liquid lipsticks.

IMG_1487 copyIMG_1483 copy

We talked about this on Instagram earlier, but for Colourpop's metallics ($6 for 0.10oz) vs Milani's metallics ($8.99 for 0.17oz)...please spend the extra $3 and try Milani's. I couldn't be anymore real with you when I say this but Milani's formula, applicator and wear are far superior.


ColourPop Ultra Satin Lips Liquid Lipsticks Review & Swatches - TooLips, Prim, Brooklyn, So Wavy and Panda

I'm working my way through my ColourPop liquid lipstick collection which has ridiculously accumulated over the past 2 years so I'll keep this blog post short and to the point.

ColourPop Cosmetics released a new liquid lipstick collection with an entirely new formula around the end of February/early March 2016 called their Ultra Satin Lips collection. This new liquid lipstick formula is designed to give opaque, long-wearing coverage, however, it isn't transfer-proof and won't dry down completely. Each lipstick is permanent and costs $6.00 for 0.11 fl. oz.

These get a 4 out of 5 from me. I love how soft and comfortable they feel on my lips. As mentioned, they are not transfer proof so I recommend steering clear of these if you're going to be lip locking but otherwise (for $6) get as many as you can.

Here are swatches of TooLips, Prim, Brooklyn, So Wavy and Panda - disclaimer - I am testing out new cameras and lighting positions. The first 3 lip swatches were done with my Sony A5100 camera which alters my skin tone in my LED lights :-/ so I went back to shooting with my Canon T3i Rebel camera so a truer color would show. Let me know which photos you guys prefer.

IMG_9499 ccc


DSC00239 copy clooser


DSC00267 copy


DSC00203 copy

So Wavy

IMG_8298 copy


IMG_8335 copy


Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick - First Review & Swatches On A Woman of Color

I swear TooFaced is trying to take over the world. Last week, the new (and now highly sought after) Peach Palette launched on their website along with a few new blushes and a new Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara. Of course, it had to launch in the middle of the night (3am EST) and I woke right up out of my sleep to place my orders. #Beautygirlproblems

About 10 minutes later, Sephora broke the internet and released the new and exclusive Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick's. IMG_3770 copySo I grabbed 4 colors that I thought would look nice on my skin tone to test these out for you. I did some arm swatches in artificial light and outside in the daylight to show  you the truest color of the lipsticks just because I wanted to get this first impressions review up as quickly as possible. The colors that I ordered were: Lady Balls, Queen B, Bend & Snap and Cool Girl.IMG_3798 copyIt comes in 7 mL/0.23 oz clear glass tube with the words Melted matte embossed onto it. IMG_3822 copy 2 IMG_3861 copyIMG_3876 text 1IMG_3873 textIMG_3919 text- Lady Balls is described as a matte true red, however, this one isn't a blue-based red so in direct sunlight, you can see how bright it is with undertones of orange. - Queen B is a matte soft mauve (pink with very minor hints of brown to soften it up). - Bend & Snap is a matte deep raspberry; a very good pink with hints of purple undertones. - Cool Girl is a matte true nude; this will be a great nude  for women of color as long as you pair with a lipliner (try MAC cork).

First Impressions: So I wore Cool Girl for 8 hours (without a lipliner) and I'm happy with it. Normally, when I hear a liquid matte lipstick, I'm already expecting to have to overly moisturize my lips so that they don't dry out due to the liquid lipstick. However, these are more of a creamy matte that do not hurt at all. You can expect to get through an entire day of eating, drinking and talking without having to worry about reapplying. They kind of remind me of the new Satin lipsticks from Colourpop Cosmetics but with more staying power - TooFaced liquid lipsticks do not smudge.

Overall, I recommend trying these. They are not limited edition so feel free to order one and test it out before committing to the entire line. I will have an updated and more thorough review for you with pictures of them as well.

Update: 4/18/16 - Instead of doing a separate blog post with lip swatches, I wanted to add these in here along with my thoughts on them after wearing them for a few weeks.

Lady Balls - Lady Balls is described as a matte true red, however, this one isn't a blue-based red so in direct sunlight, you can see how bright it is with undertones of orange.IMG_5980 copy

Queen B - Queen B is a matte soft mauve (pink with very minor hints of brown to soften it up).IMG_5905 copy

Bend & Snap - Bend & Snap is a matte deep raspberry; a very good pink with hints of purple undertones.IMG_5947 copy

Cool Girl - Cool Girl is a matte true nude; this will be a great nude  for women of color as long as you pair with a lipliner (try MAC cork).IMG_5861 copy

I've worn each of these for 5-8 hours each and it is safe to say that I need as many colors as possible. They do not dry out the lips or crack throughout the day, which again is rare for a matte liquid lipstick. To me, they do not dry to an ultra matte, so there is still a shine to them ever after drying completely.

Click here to purchase these for $21.xoxo1

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks Catnip and Soft Lilac Swatches & Review On A Woman of Color

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that Anastasia Beverly Hills is now available on Ulta Beauty and Sephora. Can you imagine the amount of points that we're going to rack up? Hellooooo freebies! To celebrate the brand launch in these two iconic beauty retailers, I wanted to swatch as many of the Anastasia Beverly Hills products that I personally own and give you my thoughts in one set space (the blog) to help you shop your favorites better. Here are swatches of the liquid lipsticks in Soft Lilac and Catnip.


IMG_3096 copy copy

Soft Lilac is described as a pale violet.

IMG_3109 closer copy

Catnip is described as a soft plum.

IMG_3020 closer copy

These are $20 each and are currently in stock on Sephora.com, Ulta.com and the AnastasiaBeverlyHills.com.

And here is a live swatch of the lipsticks on my arm. I'm providing these swatches through photos and videos so you can the true color and the coloring with flash etc. I hope it helps!

[wpvideo 0Jp3QkP0]

Make sure that you let me which kind of swatches you like best and want to see more of (photos, live video etc).


Coloured Raine Liquid Lipsticks - Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Alternative

I hope you beauties had an amazing Friday. So I've been off and on all week trying to edit videos and create new social images/animations for work. Have you tried doing that while keeping up on all of the beauty news simultaneously? Yeah, it's time for some wine. So the biggest news to hit the market this week was the release of the lipkitbykylie.com for $29. Each kit includes a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick. Now I understand that liquid lipsticks are life right now - I mean have you been following me on Instagram? - but the hype around this launch was insane! The colors are cute, but to me, they just didn't stand out enough for me to say "Oh ok, here you go Kylie Jenner." Needless to say, this woman of color did not purchase any of the kits but instead, I took to glam room and found a few liquid lipsticks in my stash that could compare.

Here are swatches of three liquid lipsticks by Coloured Raine which remind me of the colors from Kylie's lip kit! And guess what? Each of these liquid lipsticks only costs $17 and are in stock right now!


So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!xoxo1

Anastasia Beverly Hills Paint vs Coloured Raine Rockstar

I didn't realize how much I would grow to love blue lipstick but as all things beauty...I got sucked in and now I'm obsessed. I initially posted swatches of the new Rockstar liquid lipstick by Coloured Raine ($17) and I immediately received requests to compare it to Paint by Anastasia Beverly Hills ($20). So while we work through the rest of the lip swatches, here's a comparison of both blues.  Candy Coated Closets Blue Comparison             Paint by Anastasia Beverly Hills                  Rockstar liquid lipstick by Coloured Raine

Candy Coated Closets Blue Comparison UpcloseCandy Coated Closets Blue WandCandy Coated Closets Blue Comparison Swatch

As you can see, ABH Paint is a more true blue based metallic lipstick whereas CR Rockstar is a purple blue metallic lipstick with glitter. I'm sure there are those are of you that are wondering what the heck I just :-) The easiest way to think about is to look at the undertone. CR Rockstar has more of a vibrant shine to it since it's mixed with purple and blue as opposed the ABH's Paint.

Candy Coated Closets Blue Comparison Lip Swatcher                                                                       CR Rockstar

                                                                     ABH Paint

My favorite of the two? Definitely CR Rockstar. I absolutely love the purple blue based toe to it! What do you guys think?