Essence November Beauty Box Review: Soulful. Colorful. Beautiful.

Hi love bugs! It's time for the November Essence Beauty Box! Now before you guys kill me, remember that I'm in the process of working on a few new projects, revamping the blog, moving content over, photography classes, social media classes etc etc etc...tons of stuff in the works to be a better content creator for you! :-)

Whew, I feel a little bit better getting that off of my chest. Now, onto the November Essence Beauty Box. Last month, I introduced you to the Inaugural Beauty Box and explained how important this was for women of color. It's a beauty subscription box that is specifically curated by a team of African-American women with African-American women in mind. This couldn't have launched at a better time for me because I've been playing back and forth with my hair and trying to decide if I should stop flat ironing it all together for a while. So let's jump into the box: