Britney Spears Maui fantasy Fragrance (Limited Edition)

  If you're a fan of Britney Spears (and I know that you are - remember the last time you sang "Oops, I did it again"? Exactly!) get ready because she has released a new limited edition fragrance! Here are the details...


Britney Spears Maui fantasy

The Fragrance

Infusing elements of Maui’s natural beauty with the key notes found in original fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ fragrance, Maui fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ Limited Edition conveys Maui’s allure and charm through scent. The combination of luscious, tropical fruits and flowers exudes the warmth of Maui’s climate and the spirit of Hawaiian heritage.

Top Notes

Bird of Paradise mingles with luscious Pink Grapefruit and Passion Fruit, drawing you in with their mouth-watering sensations.

Mid Notes

At the heart is an intoxicating blend of fresh beachside florals – Hibiscus Petals, Cyclamen, Orange Blossom and Hawaiian Monoi – blooming in the golden sun.

Base Notes

From the background, the warm, sensual aura of Vanilla and Coconut radiates with soft Blue Musk, White Amber and beachy Blonde Woods.

The Packaging

Embodying the essence of Hawaii, the Maui fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ Limited Edition bottle takes inspiration from the captivating crystal blue waters surrounding the island, with a frosted-aqua hue. The bottle features a bright pink Hibiscus flower, one of the many symbols of this tropical escape. Blending the Hawaiian symbols with the iconic shape and collar design of the classic fantasy bottle makes this new scent a fun and exotic addition to the fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ fragrance collection.


Product name



Maui fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ Limited Edition

Eau de Toilette

30 ml/1.0 fl. oz.


The scent will be available at Kohl’s in January.