Exclusie: An Interview with the Ladies From the Intertwine Collection

In the midst of the glamour of all of the beauty and makeup, I always tell myself - your look is never going to be complete until you have your own sense of style that shines through your outfit. For example... image3image1

Her makeup is beyond perfection! But the outfit...her sense of style is what's really pulling everything together. So I wanted to help you channel your inner beauty and tie in your style by introducing you to the Intertwine Collection. The Intertwine Collection is an exclusive online boutique, owned and operated, by twin sisters Shanda and Shawniece that provides stunning statement pieces, accessories and garments for all women of all shapes and all sizes. We were able to catch up with the boutique owners and learn more about their brand, the vision behind their work and get some style and business tips.

Candy Coated Closets: First, thank you ladies for making the time to chat with me and my readers about Intertwine Collection! How did you ladies come up with the idea for Intertwine Collection? What does the name mean?

Intertwine Collection: Intertwine Collection was created by the thought of the birthing process of twin fetus interlocking to become to separate eggs, which the basis behind our company name, Intertwine. Intertwine is defined as interlocking or twine together.

Candy Coated Closets:  How did you get your start?

Intertwine Collection: We started off reconstructing women vintage clothing. Then we started styling for a Disney show called ‘Ant Farm’. We later decided to venture off and start Intertwine Collection.”

Candy Coated Closets:  What makes your boutique stand out from the others?

Intertwine Collection: What sets us apart from other boutique is we are not only giving day-to-day garments but also heavy beading, tassels, and lace which allow wow-factor of surprise to customers to know we put time into a quality pieces. The Intertwine collection is a mix of various dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, pants, jeans, jackets and more.

Candy Coated Closets:  Where do you get your inspiration from?

Intertwine Collection: We are inspired by different variation of styles and designs. Bold colors and patterns is what allows us to utilize the next trend.

Candy Coated Closets: If you both had to pick one item from your boutique that represents your overall style, what would it be?

Intertwine Collection: "If I could pick one item, I would have to choose the ‘Glamour Embellish Dress’ the heavy beading is everything” stated Shawniece. Shanda said “I would have to say my favorite item currently Forbidden Vine Playsuit. It’s a show-stopper garment.

Candy Coated Closets: With your success on social media and the introduction of the Karla Collection (a collection for women of all body types) what challenges do you see your boutique tackling in the future? What’s next?

Intertwine Collection: Intertwine Collection’s next move would be branding and expanding plus sizes for woman and also adding footwear.

Candy Coated Closets: What advice would you give other Black Owned Entrepreneurs that are looking to reach your level of success?

Intertwine Collection: Our best advice we can offer someone moving in the fashion industry would be to do your research, find your nitch, engage with audience, stay creative, and do your part in putting in the foot work. Without foot work there is no way that your company can reach a successful level. And this is to show you that success does not come over night. Work smart so it could save you a lot of headaches.