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Last month, I became a member of House Party. House Party is a company that partners up with your favorite household brands to offer its members and their friends exclusive access to products. How it works is a member applies to host any house party that you would like - food, entertainment, household products, games and more - and if you are selected, House Party and the brand will send you a party pack that contains various items in order to help you host a fun party to share those products with your friends and family.

For my first party, I was one of 1,000 applicants selected to test out the new Keurig Rivo machine. Two weeks after the selection, I received a shipment from Keurig containing two brand new Rivo machines and a shipment from House Party with cups, napkins, coupons, cookies, recipes and instructions on how to host a fabulous party.

Once I received everything, I sent out invitations to my Cafe Party and immediately began posting pictures of the products on my social media platforms in order to generate some excitement...and what better way is there to do that except for a giveaway? That's right, like I mentioned earlier, Keurig sent all of their party hosts two Rivo machines - one for the host to keep and the other to be given away as a gift.

Saturday, April 26th - The day of the party arrived and much like every other host around the world, I was busy setting up my home with the products and fun games that I created in order to celebrate. Once all of my guests arrived, I made each of them my signature Candy Coated Closets Cappuccino which consisted of a Classico Lavazza Espresso brew with vanilla syrup topped with whip cream, a cinnamon stick and cinnamon dashed on the top. I am an amateur barista but it was a breeze to make this drink with the Rivo machine. Honestly, by the end of the night, I couldn't believe how much I have been missing out on by not having my own Keurig machine in my home.

Overall, my guests and I had so much fun playing games and mixing drinks for one another that I couldn't stop laughing. House Party and Keurig really hit it out of the park with this collaboration. Check out my product photos below and if you want a 40% off code to order your very own Rivo machine, contact me!

IMG_94032014-05-13 12.01.02 (2)IMG_92681


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