Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation in Shades Y445 and Y505 – Swatches and Photos


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($43) is a HD foundation with an ultra-lightweight texture that provides ultra flawless skin. It was developed specifically for film and TV to be invisible under the latest, super-focused 4k lens. It features uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium to buildable coverage with an even lighter weight, second-skin texture that looks just like skin.

I picked up two color shades to provide for color references:

img_5714-ccc Left: COLOR 173 = Y445 - Amber     Right: COLOR 177 = Y505 - Cognac

Photos taken with flash and in LED lighting:img_5716-ccc img_5723-cccLeft: COLOR 173 = Y445 - Amber     Right: COLOR 177 = Y505 - Cognac

Photos taken without flash and in LED lighting:img_5718-cccimg_5725-ccc

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Ricky's NYC is Now On Gilt City - Get An Insane Deal on OCC, LA Girl Cosmetics, Morphe, Coloured Raine and More!

Just when we thought the beauty deals were over Ricky's NYC decides to smack us in the face with one! Ricky's has just launched an amazing deal on Gilt City today which will give you an incredible discount that you can use in-store or online.

So basically you can choose an online OR in-store credit on Gilt City that will get you either a $50 credit for $30, or a $100 credit for $60. That means that when you go to Ricky's NYC to purchase $50 worth of products, you'll only actually be paying pay $30, or when you buy $100 worth of products, you'll only be paying $60 since you have this credit. Make sense right? The credit will expire on 3/9/16 so you have plenty of time to shop for the holidays or Valentine's Day.

Now why is this a big deal? Well Ricky's is notorious for carrying the most popular beauty brands. You can pick up some of your favorite items from Morphe, Sugarpill, Violet Voss, Coloured Raine, NYX, LA Girl Cosmetics and much more. Let me know what you get! I already checked out for the $100 one. xoxo1

BuzzFeed Article Makeup Photo Feature

Normally, I would put this in my "As Seen In/Featured In" section of the blog but when one of your photographs gets picked by a BuzzFeed editor to be featured in an upcoming article...well...let's just say that all of the OMG's make it worthy enough to have it's own blog post. Buzzfeed Post

Yes, that me and my lipstick #makeupporn product shot. The full article can be found here. Thank you so much for the photo feature Nina Mohan!


Here's To a Happy New Year - 2015!

Normally, I try to avoid doing this when a new year rolls around but I figured this year would be the one and only exception.

For the past few years, I've been going through this transition with myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially (have I used every -ly word that I can to describe this change?). What I'm trying to say is that it took me a long time to find myself and basically what really made me happy as a person. Just me. Not anybody else. Not my boyfriend, not my parents, not my family, not my friends, not my boss. Just me.

While I'm sure I haven't fully figured that out 100% yet and I'm still trying to find a balance for myself in the real world, I am excited about the progress that I've made so far and everything that I have planned for myself, my career and for you all!

So with that said, here's looking at 2015!

FullSizeRender (8)


ShoeDazzle Winter Preview Sneak Peek

So last week, in the midst of the usual insanity, I had a Shoedazzle Winter Preview Video Conference aka a sneak peek at the new collection that is being released in a few weeks. You know it's one of those Super-Santa-Silent-Sunset-Secret (shout out to Grey's Anatomy) launch previews that I'm not allowed to discuss but O-M-G! I had to come and let you guys know to at least save your coins and any extra holiday gift money that you get because there are so!

I think I've picked out 3 new pairs that must come home with me come January 1st, however, there is this one all her of deliciousness...that I will probably end up staying up all night until 3am PST just to ensure that I get her in all of the colors available.

It's very rare for me to feel as anxious and giddy over a pair of shoes. I mean I love all of my shoes and each pair has a special story behind them but you know when there is a pair that just touches your soul? I haven't felt a moment like this since I found my denim boot Zigi's at DSW back in 2011/2012. So for me to feel like this just from seeing this "secret pump" in pictures and a video is like holy grail for me.

I wish that I could release the pics but trust me when I say save your money! Cut someone off of that holiday shopping list. I mean you only see them twice a year so do they really need a gift?

Be prepared girls!

I'm already planning outfits around it! Check out the details below...the only thing missing are those shoes!


Blazer: Forever New Sarah Structured Peplum Top: Rag & Bone Jean Rib Crop Tee Shorts: Vintage 90s Lee Light Blue Wash High Waisted Shorts Ring: Shoedazzle Shoes: Pending Shoedazzle release (Stay tuned)


Top: Long sleeve ribbed crop Skirt: Burgandy ribbed stripe pencil skirt Clutch: Shoedazzle Riesel Earrings: Shoedazzle Shoes: Pending Shoedazzle release (Stay tuned)


#FTBCxCCC #Shoefie For A Cause Donation and Winners!

I have to take a moment to thank each and every one of you that took the time to post your blue #shoefies! Now that the information has been confirmed, I can announce that we were able to raise $880 that will be donated to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer - and that donation is coming just from our Instagram posts!

IMG_0710 (1)

Thank you all so much for your support of breast cancer awareness! This was truly a great social media campaign created by Nine West, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer to engage shoe lovers to show their support and of course - their amazing shoes!

Also, I have to give a big congrats to the two winners of my #FTBCxCCC #shoefie for a cause winners @mrsmandarino and @itsnikkisworld! Both of you have won a $25 giftcard to DSW – Designer Shoe Warehouse! Please email me at within the next 48 hours to claim your prize!

Again, you all are amazing and stay tuned! I have bigger things in the works that is sure to knock your shoes off!

*Please check out the original post for more information on the social media campaign*


#Shoefie For a Cause! Post a Blue Shoe and Enter to Win a $25 Designer Shoe Warehouse Giftcard!

First, I'm not sure what I did to deserve this awful cold but it has literally knocked me off of my feet for the past week. :-( I was hoping that I would at least be feeling better by now so that I could update you all but unfortunately my body has had enough. No, literally, I tried getting out of bed Sunday morning to do a photoshoot and my body said "Girl, are you crazy? Get back in bed and go to sleep" This is the worst!

On the bright side, I have some fun news for you's #Shoefie time! By now, you should know that as obsessed as I am with giving back to the community, I am equally ecstatic about a great #shoefie. So I was very excited to hear about this #shoefie for a cause campaign!

For the 5th year in a row, Nine West joins forces with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. During the week of October 15 – October 21, with each purchase in-store at retail, outlet or online of $125 or more, Nine West will donate $25 to FTBC. As a thank you to customers for their purchase and donation, they will receive a Nine West/FTBC branded pouch. Additionally, the brand will be accepting donations during the entire month of October in support of breast cancer awareness. Exclusive this year, Nine West has designed a limited edition Nine West/FTBC pump that will be available in NYC retail stores only and on Lastly, in an effort to engage the community, Nine West has created a social media campaign tied to the cause. For every photo upload made by a celebrity, blogger, editor or customer wearing a blue shoe using hashtag #9WFTBC and tagging @NineWest during the month of October, the brand will make a donation to FTBC.

Now, here is where we all make this #shoefie campaign the best that it can be. During the month of October, I'm challenging you all to post as many pictures as you can of you wearing a blue shoe. Blue pump, blue sandal, blue boot - I don't care as long as it's blue! At the end of the month, I will gather up all of the entries and I will choose 2 winners to win a $25 giftcard to DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse. That's it!

Not only will you be participating in one of the most fashionable social media campaigns ever (obsessed with shoes, hello), you'll have a chance to win a free giftcard just for doing your part to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.

Here's how to enter: 1. Take a picture of you in a blue shoe. 2. Tag @Ninewest & @candycoatedclosets and use #9WFTBC and #FTBCxCCC in order to enter. Please make sure you follow this rule exactly and use the appropriate hashtags (make sure they are spelled correctly). 3. Tag a friend on your picture/s and spread the awareness.

You can enter as many times as you like until the end of the month. Again, just make sure you tag @Ninewest & @candycoatedclosets and use the appropriate hashtags #9WFTBC and #FTBCxCCC. That's the only way you can enter my giveaway to be one of the winners at the end of the month. This contest will end on November 1, 2014 at 2:59 EST.

Here's is a screenshot of me posting so you can get an idea of how to enter!



JustFab Annual Brand Ambassador Event

I hope you all had a beautiful start to the new week! You might be able to feel the happiness that is seeping through my keyboard and onto your screen as you read this. Yes, happiness waves!

I had an amazing weekend and I couldn't wait to come back and share with you guys. So prepare yourself for a picture heavy post.

As a brand ambassador, I have the opportunity to work exclusively with brands on their social media and marketing teams in an effort to reinvigorate the brand and make it relevant and exciting to targeted consumers. In order to do that effectively, it is a necessity that you have a thorough knowledge and passion for the brands that you're representing. So it should come as no surprise that I represent some of the best shoe companies and shoe clubs in the world.

This weekend, JustFab held it's annual Brand Ambassador event in New York City. Ambassador's from all over the world traveled to the city that never sleeps and it was nothing short of amazing. The event started Friday night with a Meet & Greet at La Biblioteca. There were cocktails, appetizers, tons of laughs and of course great fashion shoes.

The next day, everyone met up in Soho for a fun afternoon of team building activities. The Ambassadors were given a challenge to go out in the city and style an outfit for a mystery shoe. However, the catch was that each team was only given $40 to spend to create a stylish outfit with as many pieces as possible. That may sound like a challenge to some but being in New York, my team was able to put together two outfits with tons of accessories and still have change left over!

Once the challenge was completed, we all headed over to Dashing Divas for manicures and pedicures with a catered lunch by Cosi and drinks from Skinny Girl Cocktails!

IMG_9724    IMG_9736  IMG_9738IMG_9794IMG_9801IMG_9830IMG_98421

I wish you were all there to join me but I did manage to bring some goodies back for a few special readers...


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Shoedazzle + Barbie Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Tonight's the night! Don't forget to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a $50 giftcard to Forever21, a $39.95 credit to Shoedazzle and one Riri Hearts MAC Pleasurebomb lipstick!

These prizes were specifically chosen so you can style yourself to be a Barbie girl! So here’s how this giveaway will work…

Rules: 1. Follow me on Instagram @Candycoatedclosets [Mandatory] 2. Repost the above giveaway picture and use the hashtag #SDSocialiteCCCNYFW – [Mandatory] One entry 3. Create an outfit – [Optional] One entry – You can use Polyvore or whatever other program you like. Make sure you use the hashtag #SDSocialiteCCCNYFW so that I can see it. Of course, I’d love to see an outfit with any Shoedazzle shoes! 4. You can earn two entries once a day until the close of the contest. Meaning you can enter everyday – once by reposting the giveaway photo and again by posting your styled outfit. Again, use #SDSocialiteCCCNYFW so that I can see your entries. 5. Your profile must be set to public. I can’t stress this enough. If your profile is set to private, then I can’t see your entries and well you can’t win! 6. Open to the United States and Internationally. 7. Participants must be 18 or older. 8. If you’re entering you must have an account at Shoedazzle so that I can order your credit. If you don’t, then you can choose one item for $39.95 and I will have it shipped to you. 9. Contest ends Monday, September 15th at 7:00pm EST. At that time I will verify entries and a winner will be chosen randomly. 10. Have fun, stay stylish and remember to dream big!



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Mia Limited Edition Vixen Platform Pumps

Every time I look at the Mia Limited Edition Vixen Platform Pumps, I can't help but smile when I think about the frenzy that surrounds "limited edition" collections. Whether you're a collector of baseball cards, comic books, make-up or shoes, I'm sure you have something in your possession that's "BNIB" and stored away never to be open.

Since I started blogging three years ago, I've discovered the hoarder in me that gives the side eye to anyone in my family who dares to go near my special fridge that is solely used for storing my MAC lipsticks. Yes, a refrigerator for lipsticks...not for food...for lipsticks. Get it together. I had to pull all-nighters just to order the entire Rihanna collection for retail, so...yeah.

IMG_66601 IMG_67941 IMG_68321

Outfit details: Top: Dots Pants: Dots Earrings: Body Central Bracelet: Betsey Johnson Clutch: DSW Shoes: Mia Limited Edition Vixen Platform Pump


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Let the posts resume!

-Door knocking- Oh hello opportunity! It’s nice to meet you.

Ok I know that was kind of cheesy but that one line pretty much explains the reason for my absence. I told you all that I had to take a little break from my writing duties, reviews and posting pictures because I had to adjust to a few new things happening in my life.

Of course one can never fully adjust and I’m realizing there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that I need to do along with the things that I want to do (and sleep right?) but I’m figuring it all out day by day.

With all of that said, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things, so it’s time to catch you all up on the pretty little things happening in Candy Coated Closets! Yes, my shoe pictures may have dwindled but that didn’t mean I would stop shopping! I mean, honestly!

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @Candycoatedclosets Since I’m on the go so much now, I’ll be able to engage and interact with a lot more of you on there!


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House Party - Keurig Rivo

Last month, I became a member of House Party. House Party is a company that partners up with your favorite household brands to offer its members and their friends exclusive access to products. How it works is a member applies to host any house party that you would like - food, entertainment, household products, games and more - and if you are selected, House Party and the brand will send you a party pack that contains various items in order to help you host a fun party to share those products with your friends and family.

For my first party, I was one of 1,000 applicants selected to test out the new Keurig Rivo machine. Two weeks after the selection, I received a shipment from Keurig containing two brand new Rivo machines and a shipment from House Party with cups, napkins, coupons, cookies, recipes and instructions on how to host a fabulous party.

Once I received everything, I sent out invitations to my Cafe Party and immediately began posting pictures of the products on my social media platforms in order to generate some excitement...and what better way is there to do that except for a giveaway? That's right, like I mentioned earlier, Keurig sent all of their party hosts two Rivo machines - one for the host to keep and the other to be given away as a gift.

Saturday, April 26th - The day of the party arrived and much like every other host around the world, I was busy setting up my home with the products and fun games that I created in order to celebrate. Once all of my guests arrived, I made each of them my signature Candy Coated Closets Cappuccino which consisted of a Classico Lavazza Espresso brew with vanilla syrup topped with whip cream, a cinnamon stick and cinnamon dashed on the top. I am an amateur barista but it was a breeze to make this drink with the Rivo machine. Honestly, by the end of the night, I couldn't believe how much I have been missing out on by not having my own Keurig machine in my home.

Overall, my guests and I had so much fun playing games and mixing drinks for one another that I couldn't stop laughing. House Party and Keurig really hit it out of the park with this collaboration. Check out my product photos below and if you want a 40% off code to order your very own Rivo machine, contact me!

IMG_94032014-05-13 12.01.02 (2)IMG_92681


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Foot Petals BEST Shoe Closet Contest

The average woman falls in love 7 times a year. Only 6 are with Shoes. - Kenneth Cole

Surely that number is a lot higher for most of us and even though I have an immense love for my footwear, occasionally I do run across a pair that are not as comfortable or as wearable as I need them to be. I remember a few years ago, I found a gorgeous pair of Betsey Johnson wedges at DSW. Unfortunately for me, my foot kept sliding forward in them and if I went up a full size, they would be way too big for me. There was no way that I was leaving them in the store, so I settled on to the fact that I would be walking on eggshells when I wore them out. That is until I found out about Foot Petals.

Foot Petals is a company that offers insole cushions that are made from high performance urethane and poron which absorbs shock, repels moisture, bacteria and odor.


My favorite thing about them is that they add extra stability to high heels (and flats) and provides an extra layer of cushioning to the ball of my foot. Their products range from tip toes which are cushions for the ball of the foot, killer kushionz which are 3/4 insoles, amazing arches which are cushions for the arch, heavenly heels which are cushions for the back of the heel and so much more!

As if I needed another reason to love them, Foot Petals ran a contest on their Facebook page looking for a great shoe closet from one of their fans. In order to enter, fans had to post pictures of their shoe closet and from the pool of entries, 10 finalists would then be chosen to compete in a fan vote off of who had the best shoe closet. The prize was a $500 giftcard. I entered with my shoe room picture and never in a million years did I think I would be a finalists or even the winner!

So you can imagine when they announced me as their winner, I just about fell off of my bed, ran around my house, screamed about five times, and ran around some more.



Seriously, this is real! I received my giftcard in the mail a few weeks later! I still haven't picked out what to spend it on but I have one pair of boots in mind that I may splurge for (keep an eye out because I'll be updating this with more pictures when I do)!

Foot Petals really gives the tools to remind us that shoe love is indeed the truest love of all!




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Duane Reade Boo-tiful Legs Contest

Who knew my legs were hot enough to win me a brand new Apple iPad Mini? Well that was the case in the latest Duane Reade contest.

Around two months ago, I ran across Duane Reade's new marketing contest on facebook called the "Boo-tiful Legs". In order to enter, fans had to upload a photo of themselves in their Halloween costume wearing Duane Reade brand hosiery. There were 10 first prize winners, each either winning an Apple iPad mini or iPhone 5s.

Here's my entry:

This year I was Little Bo' Peep and I paired it with black and white polka dot tights from Duane Reade.


IMG_131020131103_145805 IMG_5437

About 3 weeks later, I received an email that I was one of the first prize winners and I received my prize in the mail.

The thing that I love about Duane Reade is that they're always looking for fun and relevant ways to strategically market the brand on social media. Make sure you check out their Facebook page here for new and upcoming contests.




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The Legend of Zelda: Box Set of Prima Official Game Guides

-Someone please cue the iconic Zelda opening a treasure chest music here-

Even if you weren't a die hard Zelda fan like myself, you should still have a clue as to what I'm talking about. If not, I suggest you google it or better yet, go out and splurge on a Nintendo system and Zelda game pack because you don't know what you're missing.

Last month, @Primagames was running a contest on their twitter page to win the limited edition Zelda Box Set. To enter, all you had to do was tweet the phrase "Follow @primagames and watch them live stream #Zelda to win a Prima Games Zelda Box Set!  #PrimaGiveaway"and then leave the rest to luck. At the end of the stream, I was selected as one of their winners, so here I am sharing the fantastic Box set with you.

IMG_4497 IMG_4501 IMG_4505 IMG_4506 copy IMG_4507 copy

The Legend of Zelda: Box Set of Prima Official Game Guides includes 6 hardcover collector's editions for:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Spirit Tracks Phantom Hourglass The Wind Waker HD Twilight Princess Skyward Sword

All 6 of the guides are printed on high quality paper with gold gilded edges, which gives the guides that classic Zelda gold shine along the pages.The box is insanely heavy and I refuse to open it because it is such a collectible.

The box set retails for $179.99 but you have the opportunity to win one for yourself here!

Good luck my loves!



*All products were purchased on my own*


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M (Marciano) Elite Shopping Status

Another shopping day, another membership rewards program conquered. I'll admit that on my ever growing effort to revamp my wardrobe and stay on top of this seasons trends, I may have indulged in (and enjoyed) the shopping experience a little bit too much?

I received a notification that I reached the most exclusive tier of the M Loyalty Program M - Elite status - the premier fashion and shopping experience for Marciano, Guess, Guess Accessory and Guess Factory.

As an M Elite member, you receive:

  • A $15 award each time you reach 200 points
  • Free shipping with all online purchases
  • Double points all month long for your birthday month, plus a $20 award

To celebrate my newly acquired status and free shipping (I'm a sucker for free shipping) I ordered the Claudia Cap-Sleeve Zip-Front Faux-Leather and Ponte Dress.


After my reward points and mystery Guess coupon (30%) I only had to pay $30 out of pocket for this dress (retails for $98). I'm looking forward to debuting it with my new Steve Madden Tamar boots!




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Giuseppe Zanotti's - An Instagram Hit

Hi loves!

I've been super busy attending a ton of events over the past few weeks, so I'm spending the day catching up on writing new articles for you all! To start, I wanted to share this photo of my Giuseppe Zanotti's that received a huge response on Instagram!


@Shoestagram - one of my favorite shoe pages on Instagram reposted my picture and I couldn't believe the response from the fans. It reached over 1,500 likes in less than an hour! Talk about feeling like a foot model.




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National Shoe Lover Day Celebration

October 26th was National Shoe Lover Day at DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse and they sure celebrated around the country in a big way! Shoppers around the country had a chance to win free shoes for a year in every store. All you had to do was make a purchase (either online or in-store) to receive a free peel off card for the chance to win.

DSW also offered the first 100 customers that shopped in store and made a purchase their choice of a National Shoe Lover Day t-shirt or exclusive shade of Anise nail polish. After the first 100 customers, they gave out "I am a shoe lover" tote with purchase. But the fun didn't stop there....

They also decided to run another promotion for another chance to win free shoes for a year! All you had to do was make a video showing how you were celebrating National Shoe Lover Day and you were entered to win. 50 runners up would win a $50 giftcard as well.

I was all IN this contest after reading all of that. My local DSW In Lawrence NY opens at 10:00 am on Saturday so you know I was camped out early at 9:00 waiting for the doors to open. Do not play with this girl, her shoes, and a chance to win some prizes.


Since it was so early, I decided to keep my outfit simple. I throw on black jeans, my long sleeve shoe lover t-shirt, my shoe necklace and of course my Zigi boots. Yes my shoes needed to make a statement today.


I arrived with my shoe loving Mother and Aunt and let them loose in the store. I on the other hand went straight to the register to buy a pack of foot gels so I could secure my exclusive polish and t-shirt. I was not missing those items.

photo 4

Once I made my purchase, I walked around the store and ended up speaking to some of the associates about the day and what they had in store for them. I noticed they had brand new tablets strapped around their necks that they could use to sign up new members and (even better) search online for an item you want that's not in stock in the store. Can you say heaven sent? It gets so tiring having to find the perfect shoe and then walk all the up to the front of the store and wait on a long line just to find out if the shoe is available online or another store?

I ended up picking up the exclusive Steven by Steve Madden Revolvir Pump in store.


  • Leopard calf hair upper
  • Ankle strap with velcro
  • Runs true to size (I wouldn't size down for the pointed toe)
  • 4 1/4 covered heel

After that, I came home and started to work on my video of how I spent the day celebrating. Now I can get away with taking these shoe, outfit of the day, and accessory pictures by myself but a video is a different story. So it took me a few hours to figure out what I wanted to do and how to do it with decent lighting. Seriously...don't try this at home folks.


I think it took me about 6 videos to get this one and I gave up! The song is Labels & Love from Sex & the City 1 and I had to add it to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw...(dreams) one day soon.




Yes before you all ask I think I do have everything they may have given away over the past few years...and I'm not ashamed!

I also ordered the Betsey Johnson My One & Only Multi Tote and the Sam Edelman Mila Bootie which I'll be reviewing in another post.

How did you celebrate National Shoe Lover Day?




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Bluefly's Fly Spotting - Fashion Week Contest

The beginning of September marks one of the biggest moments in fashion history in New York as it is New York Fashion Week. It's a week filled with serious arm candy, gorgeous outfits, fab color combos and everything stylish in between.

To celebrate the iconic event, Bluefly sponsored a Fly Spotting competition where followers could post their favorite outfits (anything with the color blue being worn in it) to win a designer handbag! First prize was a Givenchy Nightingale Zanzi tote (retails for $2,200) and second prize was a Pour la Victoire Provence Convertible Satchel (retails for $495).

I was lucky enough to be the first prize winner so I wanted to share a few pictures of the prize!

IMG_7460aaa IMG_7158 IMG_74730a IMG_58731


What I'm wearing:

Coat: Guess     Shoes: Gywnnie from Shoedazzle      Pants: Dots     Bag: Givenchy    Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen from Bluefly




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