ShoeDazzle Winter Preview Sneak Peek

So last week, in the midst of the usual insanity, I had a Shoedazzle Winter Preview Video Conference aka a sneak peek at the new collection that is being released in a few weeks. You know it's one of those Super-Santa-Silent-Sunset-Secret (shout out to Grey's Anatomy) launch previews that I'm not allowed to discuss but O-M-G! I had to come and let you guys know to at least save your coins and any extra holiday gift money that you get because there are so!

I think I've picked out 3 new pairs that must come home with me come January 1st, however, there is this one all her of deliciousness...that I will probably end up staying up all night until 3am PST just to ensure that I get her in all of the colors available.

It's very rare for me to feel as anxious and giddy over a pair of shoes. I mean I love all of my shoes and each pair has a special story behind them but you know when there is a pair that just touches your soul? I haven't felt a moment like this since I found my denim boot Zigi's at DSW back in 2011/2012. So for me to feel like this just from seeing this "secret pump" in pictures and a video is like holy grail for me.

I wish that I could release the pics but trust me when I say save your money! Cut someone off of that holiday shopping list. I mean you only see them twice a year so do they really need a gift?

Be prepared girls!

I'm already planning outfits around it! Check out the details below...the only thing missing are those shoes!


Blazer: Forever New Sarah Structured Peplum Top: Rag & Bone Jean Rib Crop Tee Shorts: Vintage 90s Lee Light Blue Wash High Waisted Shorts Ring: Shoedazzle Shoes: Pending Shoedazzle release (Stay tuned)


Top: Long sleeve ribbed crop Skirt: Burgandy ribbed stripe pencil skirt Clutch: Shoedazzle Riesel Earrings: Shoedazzle Shoes: Pending Shoedazzle release (Stay tuned)