Tory Burch Eau de Parfum - A Tomboy Chic Scent 

When you create a namesake perfume, you want it to be an androgynous gem - something that isn't easily defined by a tradition label. And that's exactly what we got when Tory Burch decided to create her first namesake Eau de Parfum - Tory Burch.Tory Burch is a tomboy chic citrus Eau de Parfum from Tory Burch with a soft floral edge. It has polished notes of floral peony and tuberose that is blended with citrus hints of grapefruit, neroli and the earthy tones of jasmine sambac, vetiver and sandalwood. The spray comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a signature fretwork top. I was initially captivated by the beautiful glass bottle with the signature Tory Burch fretwork as the top. As I wore the fragrance, I immediately noticed the sweet mandarin and neroli top notes that is accented with the floral blast of the roses and beautiful lush peony notes. Once it began to dry down (after about 1.5 hours on me), I began to notice the fresh grapefruit and creamy tuberose gardenia scent.IMG_6731 ccc IMG_6715 ccc IMG_6718 ccc