The ESSENCE Street Style Block Party - A Roundup of the Best in Hair, Beauty & Fashion

Last Saturday, I visited the ESSENCE 3rd Annual Street Style Block Party at DUMBO Archway in Brooklyn NY. If you're looking for one place to visit during New York Fashion Week to find some inspirational and edgy street style or head-turning hairstyles then this is the place you want to be.


Cool Girl Kicks - Jordan 4 Retro's

Why couldn't they have made these in actual women's sizes?!


These girls Air Jordan 4 Retro "Fuchsia" sneakers are set to launch this Saturday, January 17th on select websites but only in size 3.5Y - 9.5Y.

Ever since 2011 and Maya Moore's deal with Nike's Jordan Brand, I've been looking forward to some fashionable Jordan's that I could add to my street style wardrobe but so far nothing has hit the mark for me.

What do you ladies think? Will you be ordering a pair this weekend?

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Here's To a Happy New Year - 2015!

Normally, I try to avoid doing this when a new year rolls around but I figured this year would be the one and only exception.

For the past few years, I've been going through this transition with myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially (have I used every -ly word that I can to describe this change?). What I'm trying to say is that it took me a long time to find myself and basically what really made me happy as a person. Just me. Not anybody else. Not my boyfriend, not my parents, not my family, not my friends, not my boss. Just me.

While I'm sure I haven't fully figured that out 100% yet and I'm still trying to find a balance for myself in the real world, I am excited about the progress that I've made so far and everything that I have planned for myself, my career and for you all!

So with that said, here's looking at 2015!

FullSizeRender (8)


Farewell Summer!

Alas the end is near and it's time to say goodbye to summer. With fall finally upon us, it's time to pack away the open toe sandals and wedges and whip out the over the knee boots and stylish booties.

Before we do though, everyone at Candy Coated Closets headquarters figured we should send summer off in style! So here's my end of summer look!




Shoedazzle + Barbie Giveaway Winner(s)

Congratulations to the grand prize winner of the Shoedazzle + Barbie giveaway - Instagram follower @Smizod! You have just won a $50 Forever21 giftcard, a $39.95 credit to and a MAC Cosmetics Pleasurebomb lipstick. It's the perfect prize pack to style yourself as the Barbie girl!


I also decided to give away two $5 giftcards to followers Roxanne Oudie and Melissa Shoelover just for participating so congratulations as well ladies!

Don't forget to stay tuned to my social platforms for more updates!


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JustFab Annual Brand Ambassador Event

I hope you all had a beautiful start to the new week! You might be able to feel the happiness that is seeping through my keyboard and onto your screen as you read this. Yes, happiness waves!

I had an amazing weekend and I couldn't wait to come back and share with you guys. So prepare yourself for a picture heavy post.

As a brand ambassador, I have the opportunity to work exclusively with brands on their social media and marketing teams in an effort to reinvigorate the brand and make it relevant and exciting to targeted consumers. In order to do that effectively, it is a necessity that you have a thorough knowledge and passion for the brands that you're representing. So it should come as no surprise that I represent some of the best shoe companies and shoe clubs in the world.

This weekend, JustFab held it's annual Brand Ambassador event in New York City. Ambassador's from all over the world traveled to the city that never sleeps and it was nothing short of amazing. The event started Friday night with a Meet & Greet at La Biblioteca. There were cocktails, appetizers, tons of laughs and of course great fashion shoes.

The next day, everyone met up in Soho for a fun afternoon of team building activities. The Ambassadors were given a challenge to go out in the city and style an outfit for a mystery shoe. However, the catch was that each team was only given $40 to spend to create a stylish outfit with as many pieces as possible. That may sound like a challenge to some but being in New York, my team was able to put together two outfits with tons of accessories and still have change left over!

Once the challenge was completed, we all headed over to Dashing Divas for manicures and pedicures with a catered lunch by Cosi and drinks from Skinny Girl Cocktails!

IMG_9724    IMG_9736  IMG_9738IMG_9794IMG_9801IMG_9830IMG_98421

I wish you were all there to join me but I did manage to bring some goodies back for a few special readers...


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Shoedazzle + Barbie Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Tonight's the night! Don't forget to enter my giveaway for your chance to win a $50 giftcard to Forever21, a $39.95 credit to Shoedazzle and one Riri Hearts MAC Pleasurebomb lipstick!

These prizes were specifically chosen so you can style yourself to be a Barbie girl! So here’s how this giveaway will work…

Rules: 1. Follow me on Instagram @Candycoatedclosets [Mandatory] 2. Repost the above giveaway picture and use the hashtag #SDSocialiteCCCNYFW – [Mandatory] One entry 3. Create an outfit – [Optional] One entry – You can use Polyvore or whatever other program you like. Make sure you use the hashtag #SDSocialiteCCCNYFW so that I can see it. Of course, I’d love to see an outfit with any Shoedazzle shoes! 4. You can earn two entries once a day until the close of the contest. Meaning you can enter everyday – once by reposting the giveaway photo and again by posting your styled outfit. Again, use #SDSocialiteCCCNYFW so that I can see your entries. 5. Your profile must be set to public. I can’t stress this enough. If your profile is set to private, then I can’t see your entries and well you can’t win! 6. Open to the United States and Internationally. 7. Participants must be 18 or older. 8. If you’re entering you must have an account at Shoedazzle so that I can order your credit. If you don’t, then you can choose one item for $39.95 and I will have it shipped to you. 9. Contest ends Monday, September 15th at 7:00pm EST. At that time I will verify entries and a winner will be chosen randomly. 10. Have fun, stay stylish and remember to dream big!



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The Week in a Recap

Well, this has been a very eventful week. My head is still spinning from trying to navigate my schedule around work, fashion week and all of the events, parties and deadlines that surrounds one of the biggest weeks in New York. Despite the long hours, no sleep and the humongous pile of clothes, accessories and make up scattered throughout my room, one thing remains the same... this week has been awesome and I can't wait to bring you more news on the fashion and beauty trends during Spring 2015 Fashion week!



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Lost Your Inspiration?

Lately, I've been feeling a bit torn on which direction I should take when it comes to my career in publishing and media. Should I focus more on the writing and editing aspect of the industry or should I channel my efforts into the creative side of styling and photography?


"Life's full of tough choices, ain't it?" - Yes, I mock myself in Disney character voices!

Anyway, until I figure my next move out, I'm doing what any working, fashion conscious, soon-to-be 28 year old would do....spend money! :-) At least this time it's money that is being well spent on research.


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ASICS GEL-Excite 2 Running Shoe


So I'm working on my, work, work work working on my fitness!

That was my attempt at raping like Iggy during my workouts! Over the past few months, I've noticed a certain "swelling" in certain areas of my body. I've been meaning to start working out months ago and by that I mean buying a personal trampoline about a month and half ago that I still haven't built and purchasing these sneakers 2 months ago that I just got around to putting on and using yesterday. I know, I know but for the past 10 days, I've been doing amazing work...eating healthy, working out, cutting bread and french fries out of my life...oh the McDonalds french fries were everything to me! :'(

So I wanted to share my first pair of sneakers in...actually I'm not sure how many years it's been but it's safe to say it's been a very long time since I purchased a pair!

I knew I wanted to get a comfortable pair of sneakers with gel inserts since I would be running a lot and jumping. My main focus was the cushioning but I knew I had to find something that was also durable and could hold up to the many miles I would be putting on these babies...hey I set high goals for myself.

So I stopped by my local DSW and tried on about seven pairs of sneakers from Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Saucony, and Asics. Basically, almost every sneaker in the store. About 30 minutes later, I decided on these Asics Gel Excite 2 Running Shoes.

IMG_2385  IMG_2498Shoe details: - Breathable mesh upper - Padded collar and tongue - Fits true to size - Cushioned footbed - Rearfoot Gel technology for shock absorption - Weight: 9 oz - Price $64.95

First, I couldn't believe sneakers cost me almost $70 and some of the other pairs that I tried on were ranging between $75-$129! Since I'm on the beginning of my fitness journey, I decided to choose these Asics because they are very comfortable, great for the price and I can pair them with a lot of outfits. Yes, my fashion sense is sticking around even while I'm -in my Iggy voice- work work work work working on my fitness. ;)

Although these do run true to size, I recommend going up half a size just for a little wiggle room with your socks.

Do you have any fitness goals this summer? Let's be work out buddies!


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Let the posts resume!

-Door knocking- Oh hello opportunity! It’s nice to meet you.

Ok I know that was kind of cheesy but that one line pretty much explains the reason for my absence. I told you all that I had to take a little break from my writing duties, reviews and posting pictures because I had to adjust to a few new things happening in my life.

Of course one can never fully adjust and I’m realizing there just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything that I need to do along with the things that I want to do (and sleep right?) but I’m figuring it all out day by day.

With all of that said, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things, so it’s time to catch you all up on the pretty little things happening in Candy Coated Closets! Yes, my shoe pictures may have dwindled but that didn’t mean I would stop shopping! I mean, honestly!

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram @Candycoatedclosets Since I’m on the go so much now, I’ll be able to engage and interact with a lot more of you on there!


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Sneakerheads - Happy Ultimate Sneaker Expo Day

Shoes? Great! High heels? Even better! Sneakers? Hmm...

I remember when I was younger...I would walk 15 miles to school in the snow with no coat and no shoes on ! You're probably giving me this face right now (-_-) and believe me, I deserve it (Ha!). But seriously, when I was a teenager, I was a huge tomboy. I wore everything from Tommy Hilfiger 2 sizes too big and I think I had 3 pairs of sneakers that I kept on heavy rotation. And let the Gods protect you if you ever suggested that I put on a pair of heels. It was not going to happen.

When I go to my glam closet now and look at my shoe collection, I can't help but laugh at how drastically things have changed. My style has evolved into this particular version of a high heel goddess, which is why sneakers aren't featured on here as much as I would like. However, I am constantly learning new things and evovling my style so I'm working on changing that soon.

While I was upstairs, I took a look across the hall at my brother's collection of shoes. The best way that I can describe this is to you is to tell you to imagine a male version of me...but as an extreme sneakerhead! There are so many stacks upon (leaning) stacks of sneakers in there, I didn't know where to begin for this post.

So I decided to grab the first two pairs that I was drawn to: the Nike Dunk High Premium SB Diamond's and the Nike Air Yeezy 2.

 IMG_9379 IMG_9381 IMG_93761

I know how rare it is to come across limited edition sneakers like these, so you know I had to quickly take these pictures and promptly put them back in their boxes as if I had never touched them.

So I have to ask all of my sneakerheads out there, what's in your collection?

Have a great Ultimate Sneaker Expo Day!


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