Mia Limited Edition Vixen Platform Pumps

Every time I look at the Mia Limited Edition Vixen Platform Pumps, I can't help but smile when I think about the frenzy that surrounds "limited edition" collections. Whether you're a collector of baseball cards, comic books, make-up or shoes, I'm sure you have something in your possession that's "BNIB" and stored away never to be open.

Since I started blogging three years ago, I've discovered the hoarder in me that gives the side eye to anyone in my family who dares to go near my special fridge that is solely used for storing my MAC lipsticks. Yes, a refrigerator for lipsticks...not for food...for lipsticks. Get it together. I had to pull all-nighters just to order the entire Rihanna collection for retail, so...yeah.

IMG_66601 IMG_67941 IMG_68321

Outfit details: Top: Dots Pants: Dots Earrings: Body Central Bracelet: Betsey Johnson Clutch: DSW Shoes: Mia Limited Edition Vixen Platform Pump


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