Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches, Video & Photos On A Woman of Color


Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette ($50) is a limited edition 12 pan palette that contains 6 matte and 6 foil eyeshadow shades.

It is made in the USA; cruelty free and all shades are vegan free with the exception of Ladyship which contains Carmine so let's just say the palette is vegan friendly.


Photo taken with flash and LED lights (Brush swatches)


Photo taken with no flash and LED lights (Brush swatches)

The palette is incredible quality - the shades are creamy and pigmented - very easy to build up and use. Keep in mind the only 3 shades that I had a slight issue with was Princess, Heir and Ladyship. You can see more of what I mean in the video.

  • Princess:I had to build up the shade but it was fine once I did
  • Heir: Again, I had to build up the shade but it was fine once I did
  • Ladyship: the only shade that isn't vegan free as it contains Carmine felt gritty when swatching. I did wear this on my eyes and it performed much better than I expected given the way the swatch felt.

Overall: I ADORE this palette. There aren't too many products that I normally say you have to get but you have to get this palette. It's perfect for creating different day and night looks and the quality of the shadows are worth the price tag.

Availability: Only available on for $50 plus shipping - you can find coupon codes online that will normally knock off 10% of your order total


How to Ombre Lip Tutorial - Vampy Liquid Lipsticks from Coloured Raine and Jouer Cosmetics Skinny Dip Glitter Topper

Hey guys! So I get a lot of questions about how I do my ombre lips that you see me wearing in photos so I decided to start filming a series on how to do it. This is a sort of tutorial on how I got these vampy glitter lips. Oh, and here's a tip - if you ever get a lipstick (see as a gift or in a bundle pack) that looks way to light on you - think about pairing it with an ombre lip - just pop it right in the center of your lips to brighten up the darker perimeter.



Lipsticks used:

Coloured Raine Tootsie ($17) Coloured Raine 24Seven ($17) Coloured Raine Soul ($17) Jouer Cosmetics Skinny Dip Topper $16)

img_4265 img_4266

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Coloured Raine 24Seven Liquid Lipstick – Swatches, Photos, Video & Review

Coloured Raine 24Seven Liquid Lipstick ($17) is a matte deep rose pink liquid lipstick with beige undertones. img_4505-copy-gain

Coloured Raine is a black owned beauty business that creates products that are cruelty, paraben, gluten free and vegan. These lip paints are very pigmented and only need one swipe across the lips to show - please note that these are not the ones that you want to try and layer - don't do it to your lips. As always, make sure that you exfoliate and add some moisture to your lips before applying.

Here is a video of me applying it so you can get a better idea of the color.




Rihanna’s Lipstick Color at the 2016 MTV VMAs – Cherry Blossom and Raine Fever by Coloured Raine Cosmetics

By now, you’ve figured out every single outfit that Rihanna wore to the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards but while the world was consumed with her pale pink sporty ensemble from Hood By Air and her gold grommet belted gown from Alexandre Vauthier, I was obsessing over what lipstick shades she was wearing and how I could find them? Luckily, I didn't need to look far...

Image from

Rihanna opened the show with her hair slicked back in a pony tail and wearing head-to-toe pale pink with hints of red in her sporty, corseted outfit.  Her deep red lipstick is what pulled everything together for me and according to the team over at Coloured Raine Cosmetics, she is wearing Cherry Blossom, a deep blue based red matte liquid lipstick that only costs $17.

Image from

Rihanna's final look was the gold grommet belted gown from Alexandre Vauthier - a elegant gown to close the show and accept her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. She chose to pair the gold hue and dramatic styling with the dark purple lipstick Raine Fever from Coloured Raine - again, available for $17.

So it's easy to say here are the shades, go ahead and buy them so you can be one step closer to living your life like the Bad Girl herself but will the colors look the same on you? Are they comfortable? Are they worth the money? Luckily, I already had both of these shades in my lipstick collection and I can attest to the fact they are long-wearing, comfortable and true to color (especially on women of color).

IMG_8715IMG_9446 copy Here I am wearing Raine Fever (left) and Cherry Blossom (right).

You can read a more in-depth review with more photos of these shades in my previous Coloured Raine Cosmetics feature here. And make sure you check out the Coloured Raine team celebrating the lipstick shade features on their Instagram below.






Coloured Raine Liquid Lipstick Swatches and Review - Tootsie, Roulette, Cherry Blossom and 2AM

My love for Coloured Raine Cosmetics knows no bounds. I fell into their cosmetic cult when I began my beauty journey in 2013 - which is probably why I feel so attached to them. The line is cruelty free, paraben free and vegan (no bunnies were harmed in the making of these products). It's also edgy, bold and full of color which is why I have so many of their liquid lipsticks. Here are swatches of 4 colors from the liquid lipstick collection:

IMG_7853 ccc named and swatched.jpg

These liquid lipsticks costs $17.00 USD for 4 grams of product. Because the color is so intense, I recommend applying one coat to your lips (after exfoliating) for all day wear. Always remember that with any liquid lipstick, the color may look different on you due to skin tone and undertone (of your skin and the liquid lipstick itself).

Roulette - Dark rouge with purple undertones based liquid lip paint that dries matte.

IMG_8689 IMG_8715

Tootsie - Dark chocolate with subtle cherry tones liquid lip paint that dries matte.

IMG_8371 copy 3

Cherry Blossom - Blue based red liquid lip paint that dries matte. By far, my favorite red shade on the market to date.

IMG_9446 copy

DSC00435 edited

2AM - True jet black liquid lip paint that dries matte.

DSC00364 copy


Ricky's NYC is Now On Gilt City - Get An Insane Deal on OCC, LA Girl Cosmetics, Morphe, Coloured Raine and More!

Just when we thought the beauty deals were over Ricky's NYC decides to smack us in the face with one! Ricky's has just launched an amazing deal on Gilt City today which will give you an incredible discount that you can use in-store or online.

So basically you can choose an online OR in-store credit on Gilt City that will get you either a $50 credit for $30, or a $100 credit for $60. That means that when you go to Ricky's NYC to purchase $50 worth of products, you'll only actually be paying pay $30, or when you buy $100 worth of products, you'll only be paying $60 since you have this credit. Make sense right? The credit will expire on 3/9/16 so you have plenty of time to shop for the holidays or Valentine's Day.

Now why is this a big deal? Well Ricky's is notorious for carrying the most popular beauty brands. You can pick up some of your favorite items from Morphe, Sugarpill, Violet Voss, Coloured Raine, NYX, LA Girl Cosmetics and much more. Let me know what you get! I already checked out for the $100 one. xoxo1

Coloured Raine Liquid Lipsticks - Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Alternative

I hope you beauties had an amazing Friday. So I've been off and on all week trying to edit videos and create new social images/animations for work. Have you tried doing that while keeping up on all of the beauty news simultaneously? Yeah, it's time for some wine. So the biggest news to hit the market this week was the release of the for $29. Each kit includes a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick. Now I understand that liquid lipsticks are life right now - I mean have you been following me on Instagram? - but the hype around this launch was insane! The colors are cute, but to me, they just didn't stand out enough for me to say "Oh ok, here you go Kylie Jenner." Needless to say, this woman of color did not purchase any of the kits but instead, I took to glam room and found a few liquid lipsticks in my stash that could compare.

Here are swatches of three liquid lipsticks by Coloured Raine which remind me of the colors from Kylie's lip kit! And guess what? Each of these liquid lipsticks only costs $17 and are in stock right now!


So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!xoxo1