Ricky's NYC is Now On Gilt City - Get An Insane Deal on OCC, LA Girl Cosmetics, Morphe, Coloured Raine and More!

Just when we thought the beauty deals were over Ricky's NYC decides to smack us in the face with one! Ricky's has just launched an amazing deal on Gilt City today which will give you an incredible discount that you can use in-store or online.

So basically you can choose an online OR in-store credit on Gilt City that will get you either a $50 credit for $30, or a $100 credit for $60. That means that when you go to Ricky's NYC to purchase $50 worth of products, you'll only actually be paying pay $30, or when you buy $100 worth of products, you'll only be paying $60 since you have this credit. Make sense right? The credit will expire on 3/9/16 so you have plenty of time to shop for the holidays or Valentine's Day.

Now why is this a big deal? Well Ricky's is notorious for carrying the most popular beauty brands. You can pick up some of your favorite items from Morphe, Sugarpill, Violet Voss, Coloured Raine, NYX, LA Girl Cosmetics and much more. Let me know what you get! I already checked out for the $100 one. xoxo1